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Marshall Street Studios is Australia's first 24 hour membership-based music studios.
We believe that the process of creating, recording and distributing music should not be a long and costly journey.
The team at Marshall Street Studios have a combined 30+ years experience. Our vision is to give the knowledge and environment to enable bands, artists and producers to achieve their dreams.



Cream Of The Crop (prod. Jujo)

Produced by JUJO (Jordan Dennis, Droopo), the new single is a dark, gritty throwback to 90s golden era rhyming. At just over two minutes, the Sri-Lankan / Australian talent jam packs a host of witty wordplay and head-turning punchlines into the brashly titled track. With a focus on penmanship and clever lyricism, he channels a lane reignited by the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Griselda and Vince Staples, while keeping it authentically and uniquely Melbourne.

Matthew Craig

Eeny Meeny

HP Boyz are an Australian hip hop and drill band formed in 2019 in Hampton Park, Melbourne. The band is composed of "YJ" , "MWAYS , "HP Onit". Their 2019 debut single "Engineers" has accumulated more than 13.5 million streams on Spotify.
Their debut EP "6 To The World" was proudly recorded right here at Marshall Street Studios.

HP Boyz

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With over 40 years of combined experience in the music and recording industry, the team at Marshall Street Studios can offer unrivalled knowledge of social media platforms, music distribution and public relations – as well as the recording and production process.

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